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Saturday, June 23, 2007

In a league of her own

Anna's first day of tee ball began this morning with her very first practice. Her daddy took her and she was so excited! She took her little glove which they found garage saleing last weekend--seriously, I didn't even know they made gloves in her size, it's so small! She shows up at the practice & she's the only girl on the team. All boys & 1 girl. But Tyler did say that they had a pink helmet & a pink bat for her, which I think is pretty cute. Well, apparantly, Anna just LOVED batting but said the rest of the practice was B O R I N G. I didn't even think she knew that word yet. So, we're trying to talk up how fun tee ball is and hopefully she'll be more excited about it as the "season" wears on. Let's hope.

I actually scrapbooked one whole page today. I know. It's very exciting! I wanted to scrap more, but I had some time constraints which consisted of Tyler taking Anna & I out to Chili's for dinner. I was trying to prevent any problems early on in my diet. Let me explain, for July 4th we always have homemade vanilla ice cream and since I will be on my diet during that holiday I made it yesterday so I could have it one more time before my lifestyle change which is happening on monday. Well, my birthday is in september and I wanted to go to Chili's for it (I know, I'm a MAJOR planner and I'd already planned where I wanted to go) and I didn't want that to get canceled, so we went tonight. By the time I actually start my diet, I will have gained probably 5 pounds of pre-dieting behaviors.

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