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Sunday, June 24, 2007

On the night before south beach...

So tomorrow it begins. Another attempt at the South Beach diet. I feel very confident that this will be great for me. I even bought some grocery items that I normally wouldn't think to buy: celery, tomato juice, vegetable juice, etc, but I'm excited to begin! I also plan to couple my diet with 5-6 days of exercise at the Y, followed by weights. It's a beautiful new beginning to the rest of my life.

Church went well; had a really good turnout at choir. We sang "Beautiful Savior" for the musical number. It sounded wonderful. The 2nd hour at church, I went around played excerpts from "FROM CUMORAH'S HILL," in the Sunday school classes. I hope we will have a lot of participation from the ward when we begin those practices at the end of July.

After church I baked my birthday cake: pineapple upside-down cake. It's seriously the best recipe for this type of cake in the world. No really. I figured that I wanted to prevent any sad feelings about not getting a birthday cake on my birthday, so we had it today. Perhaps on my real birthday (in sept) we'll stick a candle in my steak and sing happy birthday. Who knows? I was able to sneak in a 25 minute nap after church, very nice.

We had John & Nicole and their kids over for dinner/games. We had a great time. We played carcassonne, which was their first time to play it. John totally won with a whopping score of 228. Consequently, I think he likes the game. ;) Nicole is such a sweet woman--and guess what? She also listened to Pearl Jam in high school, like me. Who would have thought? Does that mean that I'm sweet too, because I listened to Pearl Jam? Hmmm.

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