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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Mutual Friend

I'm not sure why, but day #3 on SBD has been the best yet. I don't know what has changed, but I feel different--in a good way. Let's hope it continues...

After Anna's swimming lessons, I did 30 on T, 20 on aw. I chatted it up with "shannon" while the kids played in the mat room. I decided to go to walmart to buy some things. When I got in my car I noticed that it was 1:05pm. Oops. My visiting teaching appointment was for 1pm and I had frozen items in my trunk that I would have to take home first. So we arrived at 1:20pm. *sigh* In my rush to put things away, I grabbed what I thought to be the correct Ensign, since it's my month to teach. I read a quote and it was all well & good, when my companion, Sarah, said that the quote sounded familiar to her...yeah, it was the april 2007 edition. Oops. Oh well, I'm sure it applies now as it did then, right?

Sarah & her descendents came over for some down time at my house. It was fun, until Anna started acting a bit odd. She was spraying Leia with her water gun, then after I asked her to stop she sprayed me with the water gun, then when I put her in time out she threw a ball at me. That did it. Upstairs she went. It was so random, she was playing problems, then just this craziness happened. We talked about it afterwards and she told me, "Mama, I just wasn't thinking about what I was doing." Doesn't that sound like an adult talking? My baby!

Tonight Shannon & I went to Sarah's for our girls night out. We finished the last half of Charles Dickens "Our Mutual Friend." Sarah is introducing me to English culture and I find myself speaking with an english accent for the next few hours...which my husband finds quite amusing.

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Anonymous said...

Not that I approve of disobedience, but I find the water gun part of the story quite funny. One of my best friends from high school told of a childhood experience. His mom was inside getting all gussied up for some fancy event she was going to. His neighbor offered him $20 to spray her when she came outside. He turned the hose on and waited around the corner. After getting halfway between the house and the car, he made his appearance. She looked at him with big eyes and shouted: "NO, Kevin!!!" He smiled, pulled the trigger on the sprayer, and soaked her from head to toe. She screamed and ran inside. The neighbor across the street fell out of his chair laughing. Kevin got his $20 along with a grounding. I would never condone such behavior. However, time has a way of making those events more and more funny. I still chuckle thinking about it.