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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Have you noticed how every 1-18 year-old girl wears clothing with the label "Princess" on it? I don't recall this trend growing up in the 80s--of course we had some horrible trends going, but we needn't go into that. I notice it everywhere. The thought struck me today that it's only natural that others want to be seen as royal...we are all royalty, we're sons & daughters of God.

SBD day #4 was okay, but pretty rough this evening. It was dinnertime, my body was starving and I didn't know what to eat. I feel an intense amount of motivation to not cheat, my problem is, rather, that it's hard for SBD worthy foods to sound appetizing to me. I talked to Suzanne today and she recommended Apparantly, they have a SBD recipe section...I'll have to check that out. I definitely need more ideas.

Anna did well in her sw today, but she gave both myself & her sw teacher a scare! (just what I need to help my paranoia) They are now jumping off the diving platform located in the deep end of the pool (naturally). The teacher is using a noodle (flotation device) to keep herself up and the children jump to her. Except, Anna would rather jump away from her-perhaps because it's a challenge? I'm not sure. Also, when she jumps in--she's just like a pencil. So, picture a 45 pound girl jumping in a pencil form away from her teaching in the deep end. She practically goes to the bottom of the pool. I'm, of course, worried that she drown in the shallow end of the pool, so seeing the panicked look from her teacher who has to dive down to get her doesn't help me at all. Of course Anna is fine now, but man, I can't handle the idea of her drowning. I guess that's why she's in swimming lessons after all---TO LEARN HOW TO SWIM.

Leia came over to play with Anna today. They had a ball. After the summer is over, tee ball will be over & I think we'll take a break from swimming lessons since Anna will be in all-day kindergarten (& her lessons are in the morning). I've considered the idea of her taking dance lessons. She has expressed interest in dancing like Angelina Ballerina (which we read every night now). We shall see. One funny thing, today in the mat room Anna asked for her purple bead necklace. My daughter believes that this necklace contains POWER. I'm not sure how this whole idea came about, but it's amusing to watch her tell other children how "the necklace has spoken," etc.

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Tuan's Princess said...

Yes, we won't go into the lovely styl of the 80s! lol

I don't mind the princess stuff as much. It's the sexy stuff that infuriates me. Why do they need to market clothing that sexualizes our daughters? Grrrr!