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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Testaments

Have you seen the movie, The testaments? If not, I recommend it to you. We watched it tonight as a family. My eyes are puffy from the crying marathon that occurred. It is such a powerful film. At the end, when Christ comes to Helam and says his name--I feel as though he was speaking my name. Wow. The film reaffirms my belief in Jesus Christ and confirms my testimony that He is the Messiah. I await his 2nd coming and the time when he will call me by name.

This morning we had choir, which went well. I'm thinking to organize section leaders for the 4 sections in the choir (soprano, alto, tenor & bass). We have such dedicated members in the choir and fabulous accompanist. This has been my best experience being the choir director yet. I taught Anna's class again in primary. I've never taught in primary so this is a new experience for me. I have enjoyed it and Jana asked me if I could teach until they get a permanent teacher. Sure, why not? My daughter has really enjoyed having me as her teacher, even when I have to hold her to the same discipline standards as the other 4 girls in the class. I love my little girl.

After church we had a fast lunch then took a nap. Tyler & I were up until almost 2am. Yes, I forgot to mention, I bought Tyler that game. Carcassonne. We're hooked! It's nice to be able to play a strategic game that you can play with 2 people! (it can go up to 6 people, I think) Very nice. Anyhow, for dinner I made Tyler's favorite pork chops (with onions, mushrooms, & green peppers), mashed potatoes, italian cheese bread, a salad--made from our square foot garden--and mint chocolate brownies. And we have enough leftovers to feed a small army. Did you expect otherwise??

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Little Miss said...

I haven't seen The Testaments, but have heard great things about it. Though I'm not much in the mood for crying...

I just surfed through the last several posts and have to say- you are the best mom. seriously. and you're such a great wife. I really look up to you.