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Monday, June 18, 2007

Exciting & Frustrating

So Anna goes to her swimming lessons today. She's a starfish now. She did a great job. In the dressing room, her teacher, Stephanie, & I began talking about Anna's progress. Stephanie was her teacher when Anna was a stingray--the class just before starfish--and on Anna's report card she said that Anna should move up to polliwog, which is the class after starfish. When I asked about it at the main desk, they said she must have written it wrong because polliwogs are 6 years old & up. I asked Stephanie about it and she said that Anna is skilled enough to go into polliwogs and that she sees great potential in Anna as a swimmer. Now, this is from her teacher after only 3 class sessions at the Y. I was pretty amazed at how well Stephanie said that Anna was doing, she even mentioned & I quote: "She could definitely go on to be a synchronized swimmer and be on a swim team." Pretty neat, except it's hard for me to imagine that far away, since Anna's 5 years old. Anyhow, I'm going to speak with the aquatics director and ask if it's possible for Anna to move up to the next class despite her age. She won't be 6 for another 6 months and I'd rather her not just sit around and not be able to progress as fast as she could. So, it's exciting that she's doing so well but frustrating that she can't move up. Yeah.

I feel like I've been blogging all day long. I've been compiling all my blogs since I began this one almost a year ago. It took 155 pages once they were all printed. I put them in a 3 ring binder. Who knows if they'll ever be read, but I'm doing my part to have my journal for my descendents and also for when I want to remember how I overcame something, etc. Does anyone else keep a journal other than online?
My back was giving me trouble this morning--which doesn't happen to me--so I opted to not exercise, which wasn't good. (I was all dressed any everything. *pout*) I tried to take it easy so I wouldn't hurt my back. Tomorrow I'm doing another liver cleanse. Yes, fun stuff. I am determined to follow through with it. Last time I drank some epsom salts, threw them up (lovely mental image, I know) and then quit the cleanse. This time, I will persevere, conquer, overcome!!! And hopefully this back pain is related to gall stones & will be gone within 2 days after the cleanse. I hope.

We had some outdoor fun this afternoon. Here are some photos:

Tyler cut down some branches and he's showing off his manly muscles! Woo-hoo!!!!
Anna also wanted to display her, um, muscles. Go ANNA!


Misti said...

Cute pictures. I was glad to see the pool that you always mention Anna swimming in. I bet it makes you so proud of her that she is doing so well in her lessons.
You mentioned a chili sandwitch in my blog, could you send it my way?? I will send you an e-mail of some of the things we grill soon.

Kathey said...

I too was glad to see the pictures of the pool. How fun! And keep us posted about Anna's swimming.