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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Harvest

So, we planted 8 sugar snap pea seeds and watched in amazement as they grew...and grew....and grew. Finally it was time to "harvest" the pea pods. Tyler & Anna plucked all the peas out and this is what we came up with...

40 peas. Every time I look at them, I laugh. It's a good thing our lives weren't staked on how many peas we could grow...we'd be starving! Still, they were fun to grow. However, I may rethink the idea of planting the same kind next year...
Well, I know you're curious as to how my first weigh-in went, so here it is: I lost 4 1/2 pounds my first week on the SBD. Isn't that great? I was actually hoping for more, but I'm definitely pleased with it. I may have to rewrite my goal to lose 7 pounds in the first month! So, that's good news, eh?
I went to the commissary to buy some more SBD worthy foods. I loaded up on steak, pretty ironic since I'm not a steak person, but hopefully I will become more accustomed to it. We had a nice FHE lesson on music that the Pioneers used. One story was about a group of Saints that were singing Come, Come Ye Saints before they retired for bed. A group of angry Native Americans heard the song and decided not to attack the Pioneers but went home. The chief of that tribe actually played that song every night because he said he felt the Great Spirit was nearby when he did. Neat, huh?

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