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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"That shouldn't hurt"

I went to the dentist this morning. Yes, I realize that I've gone 3 times in the past 4 weeks. Oh joy of joys. I had 7 cavities when I went in a month ago, 1 cavity for each year I didn't have dental insurance. ha ha! The dentist is really nice and the previous dental assistants were nice as well...except for the one I had this morning. She wasn't so great. Whenever I can feel pain while they're drilling my body just shivers to let me know it doesn't feel good. So she was drilling and I shivered, to which she replied "Oh, that shouldn't hurt." Oh really? Would you like to trade places with me? It hurts, believe me.

The whole dentist experience must have worn me out because I took an hour & a half nap this afternoon--something I don't really do, take naps. Today was kind of a blur. I didn't accomplish much and I couldn't seem to focus on anything, really. I took Anna to her tee ball practice. She did so well! She hit the ball 3 times and was able to stop the ball out in the field. And she was one of the few kids who knew where first, second, & third base were. (kind of important)

We hit walmart on the way home for some last minute fourth of july shopping--we're having a family over who just moved here, the husband is in Tyler's branch office area. They (Nick & Kelli) seem very nice and have a daughter (Madeline) Anna's age = perfect.

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