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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kindergarten Open House

I made my baby brother a nice breakfast of sausage, eggs, & hash browns. It's fun to have someone to make breakfast for--since Tyler is always gone before I even wake up...of course I could get up before him & make breakfast for him and I'm sure he'd appreciate it but then I'd have to go to bed earlier, which is a problem. Anyhow, after breakfast we set off for the Y to exercise, then hit wal-mart to purchase all of Anna's school supplies. The only thing I didn't get was an index card binder. Does anyone know what that is? I've never heard of an index card binder, nor could I find anything at wal-mart labeled as such. Help me out here, people.

I did laundry while Coulter did some work on the computer while snuggling with Anna who was watching Spongebob Squarepants--which, incidentally, was introduced to Anna by her Uncle Coulter. I heard them both laughing as they watched it--pretty cute.

Cute phrase alert: Whenever we are driving to or from somewhere, Anna announces that we are "On the open road." Cute.

So I took Anna & her school supplies to her Open House. When we arrived we were directed to the kindergarten classroom hallway. I peeked my head into the first classroom and asked how I would determine which teacher Anna would have. The teacher said that none of the kindergarten children would be assigned to a teacher until the end of next week. HUH? Then what is the point of having an open house? She said that I could meet all of the K teachers and then wait until next week to learn who it would be. How crazy is that? So we just left and went to the post office. My baby's first Open House and we don't know who her teacher will be...that's just plain WRONG.

So we went to play Volleyball at the church---the highlight of my week! Last week VB was cancelled due to a priesthood meeting. The previous week we had 16 people show up! So I was really anticipating a similar turnout tonight. Not so. We had a grand total of 5 people. (6 including Anna). I tried to have a good time anyways, but I lost all motivation to play well. I ended up leaving early. Oh well. Hopefully more will show next week.

Did I mention that I now have my new PDA??!?!?!? YES! It's here and I'm busily trying to input all the info from my regular planner into my digital one. It will take time, but I can already tell how much more organized I will be!!!!!!! YAY!


Carina said...

I remember once buying a spiral bound book of index cards (they had a perforated top so we could detach them), but I've never heard of a binder for index cards. Sorry I'm not much more help! Sounds like you're having fun being a mama and having visitors all the time. Keep up the positive attitude! :-)

Melisa said...

I can't wait for open house! Bring on school! I need a break!

Yeah, our ward had the problem too. Lots of people came and first and pretty soon hardly anyone went to play VB. Sad.

How are you liking your PDA? Isn't it amazing?! You should download list pro. It is an awesome way to keep track of packing list, groceries, wish lists, etc. I love mine!

Anonymous said...

I don't know of a "binder" either. I do have those little boxes that you put note cards into. Could that be it??

Kathey said...

About the "Open House." It does seem strange that they did it that way. I wonder if it may have been because they don't know these kids yet and wanted to get a little acquainted with them before making room assignments. If the teachers have any part in that decision, meeting the kids ahead of time could be helpful. They would be less likely to end up with all the exra lively ones in the same class. :-)

Let us know if you ever find out what the binder for index cards is.

Love ya, Kathey

shannon said...

I got Joseph an index-card binder at Wal-Mart. (Last year)Basically they are about $2 or less, are a sturdy plastic, have the three holes with the brad-type thingy so you can put papers in the middle, and then on the right-hand inside cover there's an index card sized pocket. Joseph's came with an index card. The pocket is made especially for the index card, so it doesn't fall out at all. Pretty cool!