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Friday, August 03, 2007

Time stands still

When I'm on vacation or have company over, I find myself wishing that time could just stand still. My brother, Coulter, is here & we're having such a great time. Today we've been playing games and chatting away. Coulter requested a chocolate chip cheesecake (his favorite dessert, not to mention it being one of Tyler's as well) so I'm going to make that tonight. Tyler went to see if he could buy some stevia to replace the sugar--but the health food store was closed. Maybe next time...I will be making some refreshments for choir practice this Sunday and here are the four treats I'm debating on. Since I can't eat them because I'm on the SBD, please comment your vote for which looks the best:

A. No-bake cookies (you know, the oatmeal, chocolate, pb, coconut ones)
B. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
C. Banana chocolate chip bread
D. Pumpkin-banana bread


Anonymous said...


All of those desserts sound yummy, but because I've never had it, I vote for D - the pumpkin banana bread. It may also be that it's been so long since I had good, homemade banana bread too. I had some frozen bananas in my freezer, but my roommates decided to eat some of my food and throw some of it away. I was not a happy man when I discovered it, let me tell you. But I've since moved, and I no longer have to deal with them. Maybe I'll make my own banana bread soon. How do you alter the recipe for the inclusion of pumpkin (since we will start getting those in a few months)? Have fun!


Melisa said...

My favorite would be D. But, it isn't as easy to serve as A. It can be hard to eat crumbly stuff on napkins. Why didn't you make this a poll?

Annie said...

A little late...but E, all of the above.

shannon said...

Hey the no-bakes were really good. But, all of your food is always really good! ;)