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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Missing 'em

So Coulter left early this morning, 5:30am to be exact. Poor Anna is sad because she didn't get to say goodbye to her uncle. :( The whole visit has made me homesick-something that surprised me. Of course I miss my family back in OK, but I didn't know how much I missed them until one of them came to visit me...december can't come soon enough!

Today was recovery day: tidying the house, doing some more laundry...went to the YMCA. I put in my "notice" for the end of August. Once school begins, Anna will be gone most of the day & I can go workout on-base for FREE. I will miss my YMCA workout buddies, though. *sniff sniff* Perhaps I can persuade them to join me on-base??

I purchased some more clothes for Anna's school. They wear uniforms there, well not actual uniforms, but close. There is a certain style, color, & length they must abide to in their attire. I, for one, am quite happy with it. It helps everyone look uniform (no kidding) and doesn't separate you from the other kids with money. (how it was for me growing up)

I went to VB tonight. Only 5 people showed up...kind of discouraging because you can't really PLAY with only 5 people. I hope more will show up next week. I even volunteered to call some people next wed to remind them.

I practiced the piano today--it felt good to play. I also warmed up my singing voice--up to a high C and coincidentally down to a low C = 3 octave range. I guess that's good. Anyone know?

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Carina said...

That's an awesome range, Jill! I remember hearing you sing with Heather way back at the Dahle family reunion in Ventura, CA (like 92 or 93) and thinking how amazing your voice was. It just seemed so versatile, you know? And now to hear that you have a 3-octave range--I'm lucky if I can even squeak out any kind of noise that comes close to high C! And I can make it down to the E or D below middle C, depending on the day. I'd say that's definitely a commendable range there! :-)