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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!! + She's here!!!

Well, 2 1/2 weeks late, Iliana Yurievna arrived last night at 10:42pm after 20 hours of NATURAL labor. For all of you who recommended an epidural, I can now see why! But I suppose the pain is all worth it to hold our beautiful, healthy baby. She was 19 inches long, 7 pounds, 10 ounces and has black hair. Not sure where that came from! Anyways, just wanted to share the news. ~Heather & Yury~

Isn't it wonderful?? My baby sister is a mama now...I wish I could be there to see my little niece! Heather & Iliana seem to be doing well and I'm grateful that they are both healthy & happy.
Today was busy. Of course it will be that way until the quarter is over and then I'll find other things to keep me busy. I made cream cheese brownies to take up for our last dress rehearsal for Opera Scenes. Tomorrow we get the day off and then our first performance is friday. I am enjoying it thus far. :o)
Tyler took Anna to the trunk-or-treat at the church. I came home to them conked out in the guest little family hasn't been getting enough sleep this week...


iPhilip said...

Congrats for Heather, Yuri, and baby.

We skipped out on Trunk or Treat and went around the neighborhood.

I'm not telling, but I bet you can guess said...

Please tell Heather we do NOT want to see her walking around breast feeding her baby, especially at church.

Tuan's Princess said...
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Tuan's Princess said...
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Tuan's Princess said...

sorry Jill - my comp kept showing that my comment hadn't gone through. Let's try this one more time! lol


Hope you enjoy your new niece.

Melisa said...

Congrats Heather! 20 hours?! Ugh. I can't imagine! What a trooper!

Loved the video. I can totally see Daven's personality in it! Wow.