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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anna's kindergarten picture

It's a small smile and she's not exactly centered in the picture, but she's my girl and so, of course, she's gorgeous! She looks SO BIG's her pre-k picture for comparison.

My baby is growing up so fast! One of her latest favorite things is "connecting the dots". She's so excited about connecting those dots...

Thanks for your input on Christmas gift ideas. I still couldn't decide what I wanted so I took advantage of modern technology and used TargetLists to make a list of several items which I wouldn't be unhappy to receive from Target. I may even send my hubby the link, since he can't view my blog at, if anyone who reads this blog is intending on getting me something at Christmas (hint hint) then put in my name on TargetLists and click on "view list". I'm ready for packages! ;o)

I sang through GESU BAMBINO today. My throat is still sore, so it probably wasn't the best time to run through a challenging piece. This is how I felt when I sang:


Melisa said...

Wow! She looks so much older in just 1 year! She is gorgeous, Jill!

Kathey said...

Anna's picture is stunning. I Never looked that good in any of my school pictures. :-)