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Friday, November 16, 2007

What do you do on friday nights?

Do you do this:

Or watch this:

Or sing along to this:

Normally we have our date night, which meant temple night tonight. We went with our friends, Valene & Trent, to the Columbus Temple. It was wonderful. We went out to Outback Steakhouse afterwards...also wonderful! I had grilled chicken with steamed veggies...YUM! Alejandra watched Anna so we could go. When Tyler picked her up, Anna was chatting it up with Alejandra in the car on the way over. Anna kept calling her "Sister" instead of Alejandra. Tyler told Anna that her name was "Alejandra" not "sister", to which Anna replied, "Oh, Ale...rea...". Pretty cute.

Today I did some more major cleaning. The house is looking SO GOOD. I just hope I can keep it this clean so I can allow myself some relaxation in scrapbooking.

I recommend herbal essences (HE) hairspray. I bought some HE shampoo, whatever the kind is in the orange bottles (I love orange, I didn't care what scent it was) and when I ran out of my other hairspray-I thought I'd try HE's hairspray. Holy cow-that stuff HOLDS! The first day I used some was a really windy day. But my hair didn't show it at wouldn't even know it had been windy outside. Seriously. It's worth the $2.48.

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