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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Don't look unless you're hungry...

I made peanut butter kiss cookies today. I must say, they look rather tasty. I say "look" because I haven't even eaten ONE, which is amazing since they're delicious. They are such a pretty cookie, don't you think?
Today Leia came over to play with Anna. They helped me make these cookies, played princess game upon princess game, and had lots of girlie-style fun. Here are some photos (feel free to copy them to your blog, Sarah):
Apparantly, Leia enjoys the exact same silly pose as Anna.

I baked those PB cookies for a pre-deployment dinner on-base. It's basically a nice last meal with family before soldiers are deployed. I can't imagine what it would be like to say goodbye to my dear husband for 18 months or more. I have become more patriotic since Tyler has joined the military. Seeing others serve their country so unselfishly, it's very inspiring.

Stake Conference is this weekend. The older I become, the more I look forward to general & stake conferences. The adult meeting was quite soul searching for me. We discussed the idea of eternal potential, the fact that one day I will go before my Maker and answer to the life that I have lived here upon the earth. It's very sobering.

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