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Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Shake - it's music!"

This morning my alarm clock went off, which meant this song came on (Anna says it's her "favorite song"). The next thing I know, Anna is dancing on our bed exclaiming: "Daddy, SHAKE - it's music!" So cute.

I thought I'd let you all know that my brother, Evan (aka: pumpkin poo), is engaged to be married. My baby brother - a HUSBAND. Wow. I'm happy for him & his fiancè, Megan. They'll be sealed in the Jordan River Temple next May. Now, if only I can find some inexpensive flights there...any suggestions?

Tyler & I had the unpleasant task of addressing some poor behavior emitted by our darling girl to a girl, Jenn, in my ward. Jenn & I take turns carpooling (is that really a word?) our daughters (Laura & Anna) to their school - I take them to school and she brings them home. Well, they're not getting along with each other (the girls) but to make matters worse - Anna has been disrespectful to Jenn, which is unacceptable. It's never fun to hear that your child has been misbehaving. It's hard to imagine Anna smarting off to Jenn, but I can see the tendency in Anna to do so. So, Tyler & I had a long, emotional talk with Anna and then sent her to her room for the rest of the evening. We told her that any time in the future that she is disrespectful to Jenn, or Laura, that she would spend that evening in her room. I hope she learns her lesson. I'm sad that I can't play with my girl. Discipline is hard - and not just for the child.


iPhilip said...

Better book your tickets now before they get too expensive.

Saquel25 said...

Dear iphilip

Your comments are wonderfully irrelevant

from saquel25

Carina said...

Try all the online websites, like travelocity, cheaptickets, etc. Also, I've never used it, but I've heard this one comes highly recommend:

You could request alerts, too--have them email you if the fare from point A to point B drops to below X amount. I've found a few flights that way.

Ugh, discipline. I'm not looking forward to having to do that, and if our son is anything like his daddy says he was when he was little, it's going to be a very interesting upbringing...

shannon said...

Yeah, gotta love the tough love! I had to take Joseph home from the primary activity day after only 15 mins of being there because he was having a major meltdown, crockadile tears, screaming and all. (he didn't get to be in Leias group)Does he really think I'm going to let him play me like that?

The thing that cracked me up the most was about 5 mins from home he was happy and calm and looking forward to some family fun that afternoon.