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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quarter-brained test

This is a personality test that determines which quarter of your brain that you use the most. Most people know whether or not they are right or left brained, but this more specifically shows the lower left or the upper left or the lower right or the upper right. My friend, Cherie, who is a nurse shared this with me. There are 16 work elements below. Select the 8 elements that you feel you do best.

Leave your results as a comment or email them to me at jilldpierce at yahoo dot com. I will then tell you which quarter of your brain that you use the most and then the 2nd most used part. I was really intrigued with my results and I think you will be too. Happy analyzing! :o)

Administration - Making sure that work or projects are completed on time and with quality.

Analytical - Breaking up things or ideas into parts and examining them to see how they fit together.

Conceptualizing - Able to conceive thoughts and ideas, to generalize abstract ideas from specific instances.

Expressing Ideas - The ability to communicate and make clear one's ideas and opinions.

Integration - The ability to combine pieces, parts and elements of ideas, concepts and situations into a unified whole.

Writing - Able to communicate clearly with the written word and enjoying it.

Technical Aspects - Able to understand and apply engineering and scientific knowledge; understanding how complicated and intricate things work and can be used.

Implementation - Able to carry out an activity and ensure fulfillment by concrete measures and results; following through and getting things done.

Planning - Formulating methods or means to achieve a desired end in advance of taking actions to implement; thinking ahead and using a system or method to proceed with an activity or project.

Interpersonal - Easily able to develop and maintain meaningful and pleasant relationships with many different kinds of people.

Problem Solving - Able to find solutions to difficult problems by reasoning.

Innovating - Able to introduce new or novel ideas, methods, or devices; doing or thinking of new things in new ways; coming up with new ideas.

Teaching/Training - Able to explain ideas and procedures in a way that people can understand and apply them; helping others to learn; tutoring.

Organization - Able to arrange people, concepts, objects, elements, etc. into coherent relationships with each other; arranging things in an orderly fashion.

Creative - Having unusual ideas and innovative thoughts. Able to put things together in new and imaginative ways.

Financial - Competent in monitoring and handling of quantitative issues related to costs, budgets and investments; dealing with money successfully.


Saquel25 said...

My eight are - administration, analytical, expressing ideas, writing, planning, interpersonal, organisation, and creative. On another note I delivered the invites and informed them that it's adults only. One couple of the two thought they were busy that night so we may be back to 6 couples total. We'll have to watch this space!

Anonymous said...

My 8 are:
Administration, Integration, Implemetation, Planning, Interpersonal, Problem Solving, Teaching/Training, & Organization. This should be fun to see!