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Monday, November 05, 2007

Vocal rep class

After my voice lesson, Tyler picked me up & we went home for lunch. It was so nice, we played carcassonne and spent some time together. I wish we had more time to do that.

At my vocal rep class I sang this. My heart was pounding in my throat as I began singing, but all went well. I haven't experienced this heart pounding before--it's a bit unnerving. Many people complimented me on the song, including one of the voice teachers who said it was "beautiful". Another guy said that I "rocked it". lol.

Right now I really want some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (see sidebar for recipe) but I can't bring myself to make them...I'm actually making some granola because my hubby is wanting some since we ran out...if you remember, I didn't state my weight last monday. The reason being--I gained. Not just a little, but more than I thought it was possible to gain in one week. And the only thing I did was eat some candy on Halloween...and some brownies...but I gained 12 pounds. In one week. No joke. I kept moving the scale around the bathroom floor & re-weighing myself, thinking that there was an error with the location of the scale...not so. So I weighed again today, and it was 6 pounds lighter than last week...which is good, of course, but I'm still 6 pounds away from where I was 2 weeks ago...I have a couple of reasons why I think I gained so much (other than the candy/brownies): stress & lack of sleep. Now that the opera rehearsals/performances are over, the lack of sleep should discontinue, however, I am certain of stress being present until my finals are over at the end of next week. Stay tuned...until then, does anyone have a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that they don't want?

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1 comment:

Melisa said...

Yeah, I gained 10 pounds last month when my depression hit. So, I feel ya, sista. I've already lost most of it, so I think it was something like water weight or something, but it freaked me out.