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Monday, December 17, 2007

12 days of Christmas - survey style (Thanks Dane)

One holiday movie I recently watched:
Bishop's Wife (classic)

Last two holiday websites I visited:

Three favorite items of clothing:
Cabin socks
Black turtleneck shirt
My new lounge pants with the word "CHEEKY" over the bum...

Four favorite things to eat:
Sugar Cookies
Coconut Pound Cake
Peasant Soup
Holiday mashed potatoes

Five things I ate yesterday:
Sugar Cookies
Coconut Pound Cake
Chicken breast

Six things I need to do today:
Make of list of things to pack
Clean the house
Do dishes

Seven gifts I’d like to receive:
a PDA that WORKS! (mine isn't working *sniff*)
Sees Candy (Scotchmallow)
Kitchen utensils
Anna Netrebko cds (I don't have any!)
Curling iron (I know, it's crazy that I don't have one!)
Cloth napkins
a small vacuum (to vacuum the stairs!)

Eight ingredients my kitchen shouldn’t be without during the holidays:
Marshmallow creme (for fudge)
Sugar (all kinds)
Sprinkles (because of their nutritional value)
Chocolate chips

Nine Christmas songs I like to hear:
Marsmallow world (Johnny Mathis)
Baby, it's cold outside
Silent Night (mannheim steamroller)
Sleigh Ride
I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day
The Nutcraker (the whole cd, but especially Pas de Deux)
I saw three ships
I'll be home for Christmas
Fum Fum Fum

Ten memorable Christmas gifts:
Our Savior
anything from Tyler (he buys great gifts)
pearl ring that was my Grandmother's
Barbie house when I was young (it was 3 floors and had an elevator on the side! Awesome)
Kitchenaid beaters
Green sweater
Pavarotti cd
Red goblets
my two front teeth

Eleven favorite Christmas traditions:
Singing together on Christmas eve
Delivering treats
Playing games as a family
Peasant Soup
Decorating the tree
Watching the tree with no other lights on in the house
Watching the snow fall (if we get any - which we DO in Ohio!)
Reading the Christmas story while Anna moves the pieces in her Little People nativity
Reading the Tall Book of Christmas
Watching holiday movies (It's a wonderful life, Bishop's Wife, White Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas & Garfield's Christmas)

Twelve fun childhood Christmas memories:
Everything above plus getting Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

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