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Monday, December 17, 2007

Fever blisters

Yes, I have 2 fever blisters now and 1 canker sore. You can wish you were me, if you want. I'm pitiful, but we're leaving for our vacation tomorrow, so I'm hoping I'll wake up and the fever blisters will magically be GONE. One can only hope.

Anna has very thick, unmanagable hair. I have been experimenting with different kinds of shampoos and conditioners, but nothing seems to work too well. I don't have thick, unmanagable hair, so I don't know what to buy to help her. She has tangles EVERYDAY. It breaks my heart to see her cry when I have to brush her hair (which is daily). Please give me your suggestions on what would help her.

Well, my PDA is on the fritz. I'm in the market for a new palm pilot. I saw that wal-mart had some online, but not in the store. Is it a silly question to ask where palm pilots are sold? Are they only available online??

We're leaving tomorrow. We're getting everything gathered. We're planning to drive halfway and spend the night at a hotel, then finish the next day. I'm still pretty sick, Tyler doesn't feel very well now, but Anna is feeling okay (thankfully).

We went carolling tonight with Melody & her family. It was great fun, except my voice is hoarse. In fact, I think I'm losing my voice. I just hope that I will have it for this Sunday - when I sing in Tyler's home ward.


Melisa said...

Have fun PDA shopping! I would do it online.

Fever blisters and cold sores sound painful. Ugh.

I have no idea what to do about hair. I wonder where Calet is going to fall in the spectrum. Jaden has really thick course hair and Daven's is really fine and thin. Since she doesn't have any right now, I don't know what kind she'll have yet. If you find something that works, let me know. I'll probably need it.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid I always had long hair. We would use the leave in conditioner "Infusiun". It is wonderful!!! It comes in a liquid for and you will need a spray bottle for it. You can find it in the shampoo department at Wal-mart. Last I remember it was a white bottle with brown letters. If you have already tried this and it diodn't work, sorry. I have nothing else.

Saquel25 said...

I would try a leave-in conditioner. If you wash her hair and condition it with the leave-in and also be sure to brush it while it's still wet, it will be a lot more manageable when dry. You need to do it regularly to make a difference.

Gary tells me that places like Staples and Officemax have PDAs.

I hope you have a great Christmas. Feel better and drive safe. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I noticed I spelled it wrong it it "INFUSIUM".

Melody said...

I buy Johnson and Johnson "No More Tangles" spray (or something like that). I spray it on Maya's hair. I actually have the CVS version of it and it works just as well.

I heard a singer say that would drink a shot of olive oil before going on stage... you could try that before next Sunday!

jennifer said...

I feel ya on the canker sores - I used to get them all the sucks!
For Anna's hair, she probably needs to have it trimmed and thinned out with a razor. When the ends haven't been cut bluntly in a while they get jagged and tangle much more easily, especially with children's hair. Beware of the $6.99 haircut, though! (hee hee!)
Have a fun trip and I hope you feel tons better SOON!

iPhilip said...

Elijah also has thick hair. I just shave it, you might try it on Anna.