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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gingerbread houses

Funny quotes from Anna:
"I need to tell you someping" (said at least three times a day)
"rip cream" (whip cream)
"Dora the destroyer" (Dora the explorer

My family has several Christmas traditions. I grew up making an array of Christmas goodies and delivering them to several people we knew. On Christmas eve we always sang Christmas songs. With all the holiday decorations and activities that we did - we didn't make gingerbread houses. This year I thought my little family would try it out. Tonight we went to Kacey & Amy's house to make gingerbread houses and play carcassonne. (They're the couple who taught us to play). We had a blast and the kids especially enjoyed the sampling of the candy. Look on the sidebar for pictures.

Church was wonderful. Last Sunday we were all sick so we didn't get to go. I can honestly tell you that my week was more difficult because I didn't have the upliftment that I gain from attending church. I missed it and needed it. It's just one more reason to be where I want to be - at church. The older I become, the more I recognize how much strength my testimony of Jesus Christ gives me. I am so blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.

Last night we played games with Glittersmama and her family. It was way fun, but we tend to get carried away in how LONG we play games...lending to a late bedtime (after 1am...) and then today Glittersmama accompanied me for prelude. I sang "A Long Time Ago." It went really well - I love that song. Then I sang a duet with Drew, "Sleep, Little Lamb." That went really well, too. Up to now I have had this hesitancy to sing in church very often, because I didn't want others to think I was self-promoting myself since I'm the one who schedules the special musical numbers. However, recently I felt the Spirit reprimand me for not sharing my musical talent in church because of what I feared others might think. So, beginning next year I will be singing more often.

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Kathey said...

Yay on the singing more often.

Love, Kathey