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Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year

With the snow and Tyler being done with his quarter, I'm quite content. After scriptures and putting Anna to bed, Tyler & I played a game of Carcassonne (I won, by the way) and made some coconut pound cake (Tyler's favorite holiday treat) and we're about to watch the last disc of the 2nd season of THE OFFICE, courtesy of Glittersmama, who has hooked me on it. I enjoy Dwight's character the most. :o) This is most definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

Apparantly, Philip & Lauren visited us last weekend...perhaps we drank too much rootbeer because I don't remember our snowball fight. Go sasquatch.

I want to recommend to all my faithful readers some of my Christmas favorites:

Favorite Christmas book: THE TALL BOOK OF CHRISTMAS, a book that my Mom grew up reading at Christmastime. It's a compilation of stories and poems. My favorite one is Granny Glittens and her amazing mittens.

Favorite Christmas music: Mannheim Steamroller

Favorite Christmas song: I heard the bells on Christmas day

Favorite Christmas treat: Sugar cookies (they are heavenly - recipe is posted on the sidebar)

Tell me your favorites!


iPhilip said...

i like my dad's world famous fudge.
I hope you are recovering well Tyler. Bytheway, you are going down in Settlers. I've been reading all of the hints, and message boards.

jennifer said...

Hey, Jill! I know you guys are way into playing games - that is so fun! I need some ideas on games for just 2 people. With winter finally here we are needing to find things to do when it is snowy and cold and we don't want to go out!