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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Woefulgrump Rascalnose

What's your GRINCH NAME?

Today is December 5th - and so we all put our boots outside on the porch. Saint Nicholas paid us a visit and left little toys & candy for us. Anna was so excited. (who wouldn't be?) This is a tradition that neither Tyler nor I grew up with - but I like that it happens early in December and I enjoy talking about Saint Nicholas and his life of service. It helps that it snowed today - which helps us feel that Christmas is near. Here are some pictures:


iPhilip said...

Woefulgrump Crankyham

iPhilip said...

That was a fun visit with you guys last weekend. I put up a video of our visit with you on my blog. And, uh, sorry about that Tyler. I hope you are OK.