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Thursday, January 24, 2008


I like being tall. I'm 5 ft 10 in tall and I think it's great. In fact, I like things bigger, generally. My shoe size is 11. My ring finger is size 8. I like big cars, big couches, big beds, big bathtubs, big tables, and even big silverware. I hope to own silverware someday that resembles that of Outback Steakhouse - big! I'm not interested in being small - I never have been small. My weight goal is to be 180 pounds - which isn't small at all. (of course, it's smaller than I am now, but I digress...) I'm happy around tall people. My husband is 6ft 3in tall and he makes me happier than anyone else on earth. My daughter, Anna, is tall. In fact, she's the tallest kindergarten student at her school. My dad is tall - 6ft 9in. You know how some kids would bully you and say, "Well, my dad can beat up YOUR dad?" Well, I would say things like, "Well, my dad is TALLER than YOUR dad." Yeah, I sure showed them. I showed them all! ha ha.

Anna was home again today. I've played Guess Who so many times, that my mind is developing strategies for the game. Oh yeah, I could win every game - but what fun would that be for Anna? Sometimes I let her win. Is that good? I think Anna will go back to school tomorrow. At this moment she is building a kleenex box out of paper and tape. You'd be amazed at how good it looks! She's such a creative girl - much like her Aunt Alleigh.

Well, the liver cleanse was a success! I went through with it, finally! I purged about 70+ gallstones. Not bad, not bad. Healthy living, here I come!

I'm waiting for the last disk of The Office Season 3 to get should arrive tomorrow...I can't wait...hurry, netflix...

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