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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A night at the opera

2 weeks ago, a girl in my ward gave me two free tickets to see Macbeth by the Dayton Opera. Last night Tyler & I went to see it. Here are some photos of us all gussied up:

No, Anna didn't go with us - but she wanted a photo taken of her - just the same. I've only been to one other live opera: La Traviata in Tulsa, OK (the mecca of fine arts, naturally). When I went to that opera, I dressed in my very best dress and still felt underdressed. So, this time I figured it would be the same. I wore this dress - my nicest dress, the one I bought for Tyler's Air Force commission. When I arrived at the opera, I felt a bit overdressed - if anything. I even saw someone wearing tennis shoes - TENNIS SHOES TO AN OPERA! That was a bit odd. Oh well, the opera was grand and I felt wonderful simply being there. I wonder if I will sing on that stage someday. Time will tell.

This morning Tyler & I went to the Temple. I have a goal to go as a couple once a month this year - so far, so good. Anna wanted to play with Leia today - so she called her to set up a playdate. Sarah, being the wonderful, fantastic friend that she is, not only had Anna come over - she came and picked Anna up from my house! So Tyler & I were able to take a badly needed nap to recover from going to the opera late last night and going to the temple early this morning.

Good news: The Office season 3, 3rd disk arrived today, courtesy of netflix. So, we're off to watch it! (Deena - wish you were here!)

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