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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I present to you - MY NEW COUCHES!

This is my new living room. And no, you don't need to adjust the color on your computer - they're orange! My favorite color is orange and now I have burnt orange couches! You'll have to see it to believe it (hint, hint). We bought the Ashley brand couches for $700 off of craigslist and they threw the matching rug in for free. We're very pleased - they're so comfortable!

I had my background check done this morning. They had to fingerprint me in two separate ways - one involved my two thumbs and index fingers being scanned into the computer through a small device of sorts. It took him 30 minutes to get my fingerprints on there. He said that I have a lot of lines on my fingers...whatever that means. Don't we ALL have lots of lines??

I spoke with the public schools administration and they said it might be a month before the FBI (yes, the FBI) background check goes through. I'm not complaining - I'm ready for some time at home! :o) I went to wal-mart to see if there was a wii in stock, no such luck. I'm going to try back tomorrow...Anna asks me daily if I've found one yet.

I now have 5 voice students - one of which started lessons today. She has a lovely mezzo sounding voice. I'm excited to work with her.

Today the SBD was a little more difficult. I bought a SBD cheese pizza and that seemed to help me through the "what can I eat when I'm on a diet" slump that I was in.


Kathey said...

WOW! How lovely. I'm SO pleased for you, and the rug is perfect too.

Love, Kathey

Annie said...

I like the couches...I think you should do the walls in one of the nice warm yellow-ish brownish tan colors that are in the stripes of the rug.