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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ballet Lessons

Tomorrow I'm going in for a "background check" for substitute teaching plus an interview. I plan to sub about 4 days a week. It will be good to earn more money for our family - but I must admit that I enjoy being home. I signed up to sub mondays, tuesdays, thursday, and fridays - which will give me a break during the week on wednesdays. :o)

The house looks really nice now - I did a lot of organizing and tidying and it really shows. I thrive on a clean house. I took Anna to the thrift store and found lots of clothes for Tyler, myself, & Anna - all at $3 a piece or less! You can't beat that.

2nd day on SBD is going well. I didn't a chance to exercise today - however I have been busy cleaning all day long, so that should count - right? Poor Tyler is exhausted. He has training this week plus school and hasn't gotten enough sleep since Saturday night. Poor guy!

I found some ballet lessons for Anna to check out this week. Get this: the first lesson is a trial to see if she likes it, there's no set leotard specifications or colors - she can wear whatever she feels comfortable wearing, and there is a performance at the end of the year but we won't have to buy costumes to use - because they already have them in stock to use, plus it's only $40 a month for an hour lesson each week! Yeah, I'm excited - let's just hope the first lesson goes well!

Congrats to Mitt Romney!!! Hooray!

I'm listening to Anna Netrebko right makes me sad because I don't know what I'm doing with my singing talent...her voice is amazing, I wish I could develop mine to the degree that she has hers.

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