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Monday, January 14, 2008

Mitt Romney

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Then you can go to the link here and choose five or six words that describe me best (thanks, Shannon!): The Warrior

In other news, I did weigh myself this morning and it wasn't as shabby as I had expected. The last time I recorded my weight was in late november and it was 312.6 pounds. Today after all the holiday eating I did I weigh 318.4 pounds. I feel certain that I can drop those 6 pounds easily and be back on track for losing weight. Today went well. I basically did the SBD 1st phase with a couple of 2nd phase food items (milk, whole wheat toast) and I feel good. I miss sugar, but hopefully soon it won't even be a thought in my head.

I picked up a substitute teaching packet today, in the great state of ohio they pay you $80 per day of subbing. That is much better than the $50 I was paid in OK for subbing back in 2002. I also mailed some items at the post office (Melisa - watch your mailbox for Brad's pants that he left here when you came to visit). Then I did some cleaning/tidying around the house. We still haven't found any couches and so our living room looks pretty sad. On wednesday we're planning to hit another store and look at some couches listed on craigslist. I've finally had 2 people email about seeing the bedroom set. Hooray!

For FHE we talked about recognizing the Spirit in our lives - talk about a difficult concept to teach! Then we watched Shrek 3 - pretty funny! I love hearing Anna laugh while watching a silly movie.


Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


iPhilip said...

Mitt Romney
Score: 40

Stem-Cell Research
Social Security
Line-Item Veto
Death Penalty

Health Care
Gun Control

Saquel25 said...

Barack Obama

Melisa said...

That isn't too bad of a weight gain! Mine is almost unspeakable!

We can do it!

Tuan's Princess said...

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich - which to choose, which to choose :o)

Ticklemedana said...

BARACK OBAMA, baby..LOL..I scored 59...and congrats on the minor weight gain! THat's awesome it was only six pounds...