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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My baby is 6 years old

At 4:33pm yesterday, on New Years Eve, my baby girl, Anna Elisabeth, turned 6 years old. I can hardly believe it. Why does 6 seem so much older than 5? I did my best trying to make her birthday a wonderful day for her. It's difficult to separate Christmas from her birthday and I have a feeling it will become more difficult as she becomes older. We spent her birthday at my parent's house in Edmond. We had pepperoni pizza, veggies (it was a VeggieTales themed birthday party), shrimp dip, chocolate milk and chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. Anna received several gifts including My Little Ponies, Teddy Bear books, floam (courtesy of my brother, Coulter), Care Bear, Mulan barbie doll, hair accessories, some card games (like Old Maid & Go Fish) and some clothes. Plus she got to have Trix cereal for breakfast, since in OH we don't buy cereal anymore-it was a special treat! I love my baby girl so much. This past year she has begun kindergarten, she has become even more outgoing (as if that were possible), and has now sung/performed for her family in OK and done very well at that. Her (current) favorite foods include: shrimp, chocolate, cereal, chocolate milk, oranges, chicken, rice, carrots, corn, manicotti noodles (plain), & pizza. She enjoys reading her books, playing with her leapster, playing with her many dolls, playing her Guess Who game and now her Tinker Toys. She's still quite affectionate with her parents, always giving hugs & kisses. I am trying to teach her how to deal with losing in a game, which so far has been unsuccessful. We use "snuggles" as a way of calming down-meaning we snuggle with her on the couch. She is beginning to understand the gospel more & more and enjoys reading the Book of Mormon stories at bedtime. We love her so very much and can't imagine our family without her. I love you Anna Belle!


Saquel25 said...

Say Happy Birthday to Anna for us. Hope you had a great New Year. We were real party animals. We stayed up until 11pm and then after we settled down for the night we were rudely woken at 12 when the fireworks went off! See you soon and travel safely. Love ya xxx

iPhilip said...

And they all rejoiced. yea! hooray!

Tuan's Princess said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! Six - wow!!!

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Anna!!!

Melisa said...

Love the pictures! So cute!

Happy birthday, sweet Anna Belle!

Of course you don't buy cereal. That cereal you make is divine!