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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! We're in Stillwater, OK. It's been a wonderful Christmas! Yesterday we had our traditional Peasant Soup for Christmas Eve dinner, followed by a Christmas Eve Musical Program where we had 25 musical numbers. It's nice to be in such a musical family. Anna sang both of her pieces (which I hope to post soon) and did an amazing job!

Santa came last night and we had a great morning of presents. It seems that most of the grandchildren are older now and therefore there wasn't a HUGE rush to open presents this year. Kind of odd. Anna got some Tinker Toys, a Princess Castle Alarm clock, new princess jammies, and a veggietales dvd set (3 dvds) and a larry-boy vehicle thingy. Tyler enjoyed his gifts ( a pda, a book "5 acres and independence", some shirts, & an ebelskiver pan). I received a white diamonds perfume set, a yogurt maker, Christmas dishes set, & some other nice things that I can't remember right now because it's 12:38am and I'm exhausted...I'm allergic to something here, I think it's mold, so I'm wheezing and don't have very much energy - but we love being here with family. Other highlights include my meeting my sweet little niece, Iliana. She is a DOLL! I will post pictures soon...I hope.

I watched The Snowman. It's about 27 minutes long, but really lovely - especially the song in the middle. Enjoy:


Melisa said...

Did anyone else get a new PDA? ;)

Saquel25 said...

I love the snowman. We got it for the kids this year for Christmas because I wanted to start a tradition of watching it on Christmas Eve. That's one of the things we did every year growing up. Glad you had a great Christmas. Now we have to think up our New Year Resolutions!