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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Tyler's surgery went quite well this morning. He rested for most of the day, with me timing each type of eye drops and medication plus a bag of frozen veggies on his eyes. He's very easy to care for - he's not the whiney type, unless he's sick - then he whines. ;o) I'm so happy that he has the opportunity to have his eyes corrected. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to have it done...maybe.

I taught 3 voice lessons back-to-back today. Every wednesday I teach 3 girls. It's a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. Speaking of voice lessons - I've been looking/emailing/researching around for a voice teacher to help me progress. Last night while I was sleeping - a name came to my mind of who to ask. She was another voice teacher at the college I attended last quarter. In fact, she was the voice teacher that I initially wanted - but I was assigned to another. I emailed her and she said she'd "be honored to teach me". I'm really thrilled to have that settled and in progress. :o)

Tonight we went over to the Neel's to watch the Republican Debate. I was frustrated at McCain for his snide remarks towards Romney. I greatly enjoyed Huckabee's final comment on whether Ronald Reagan would endorse him as president. Despite the bickering and uncomfortable moments, I was able to see these 4 candidates share their hopes and dreams for America. I support Romney for the Rep candidate. I like his views. I'm sure that he being LDS does affect this because we have similar views through the gospel. Plus he's nice looking, which always helps. :o) I heard that some people voted for Bill Clinton simply because they thought he was good looking (why, I have no idea) and Mitt Romney is clearly the best looking Rep candidate out there. NO QUESTION. What did you think of the debate?


Queen Mother said...

You really like Romney? He's kind of liberal. I am rooting for him now though, because his competition are definitely not to my standard of conservatism. I was a Tom Tancredo supporter, but he's gone now.

Psssst...I finally updated my blog. SHOCKER!

Love you sweetie~

Tuan's Princess said...

Was Ron Paul invited? As soon as the networks stop discriminating against certain candidates by refusing to invite them to the televised debates we will see candidates supported by the people of this country and not just the network executives. Can you tell I feel strongly about this? :o)