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Friday, February 01, 2008

Vacationing in MI

We drove up to visit our friends Melisa & Brad (& their 3 kids) yesterday. Today we woke up to beautiful snow and it has continued to snow all day! It's such a beautiful sight to see - I wish we had more snow in OH. Maybe it will follow us back? :o)

We've spent the day relaxing, chatting, and playing games - not to mention fabulous food. Even now Melisa is making some scrumptious parmesan pork chops! YUM!

Tyler's eyes are recovering better each day. He said that if I ever get my eyes fixed - I should do lasik instead of PRK. Brad, who is a doctor, says that PRK is brutal torture for the eyes. He had lasik done and said he was able to see that same day...
Here is an adorable drawing by Anna about Jesus. Enjoy:

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