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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Bowling good time

Today was a holiday - therefore Tyler didn't have to work & Anna was home from school. Anna & I went to the YMCA this morning which was great. Oh, and I lost 5 pounds this week! That's what working on self-control can do for me, not just focusing on FOOD but rather, focusing on self-mastery. :o)

This afternoon we had a woman, Maria, & her 3 daughters come over with the missionaries. We watched The Testaments (in spanish) and then chatted. She seriously lives a block away from me and is going through a terrible divorce right now, poor girl. I will be taking her & her 3 daughters to church this next Sunday. :o)

For FHE we went with Sarah & her family to go bowling on-base and then to Burger King for dinner afterwards. We had a lovely time. :o) Check out some pictures on the sidebar.

We've recently watched 2 movies: "The Whole Wide World" and "Evan Almighty". I would recommend the latter...the first one was all right - but I wouldn't recommend it. Evan Almighty was hilarious! It stars Steve Carell from THE OFFICE.


Melisa said...

My kids love bowling. Me, not so much. Probably because I'm terrible at it. :)

Josephus said...

Wow Jill! I like the new look:)

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! I really need to refocus on my self control!