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Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy weekend

This past friday we went out to eat with Sarah & Shannon (and their husbands, of course) to TGI Fridays. The food was okay, but the company was fabulous! Then we were invited over to Glittersmama's house to play a rousing game of settlers of catan and to be introduced, and I daresay become addicted to the game Dr. Mario. Now I am looking to find a nintendo 64 game on ebay with the hopes of buying one, practicing it, and being able to give our friends a real challenge next game night. Or just have fun losing again. :o)

On saturday morning I went to help with making lunch for the Stake Enrichment activity. I enjoy doing stuff like that - cooking & feeding about 80 people. I thrive on organization. Plus I got to tie some quilts, which I haven't done in a long time - I think since my YL days at girls camp, where my job was to teach girls to tie quilts...yeah, we were really roughing it at our girls camp...let me tell you...

On Saturday afternoon, we had the elders, Maria & her 3 daughters over for a missionary discussion. It went extremely well. Maria has already set a date for her baptism - mid-march. I'm quite impressed with her. She really has a good head on her shoulders. We're going to make an authentic mexican meal tonight - I'm excited to learn how to make it!

Yesterday, I took Maria & her daughters with me to church - she said she really enjoyed church. :o) The choir sang I Believe in Christ. They did an amazing job! And the accompanists Jessica and Glittersmama did great on the organ! I was overwhelmed with the Spirit during the song. Our ward has an amazing choir.


Melisa said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend!

Does this mean you are giving up on the Wii?

Saquel25 said...

I also loved the choir this Sunday. Although we had a hard time hearing the choir over the organ. It seemed louder than normal. My kids commented on it and they never usually notice stuff like that. But it was great. Very spiritual.

Melody said...

The music was beautiful Sunday. You do such a wonderful job, Jill. Our ward is so blessed to have you as the director.