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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Sunday

This is a great clip of Glenn Beck talking about President Hinckley. Tonight as Tyler was praying - he asked a special blessing on the Prophet. When he said Thomas S. Monson, I was caught off-guard - it's hard to believe that Gordon B. Hinckley is gone.

For dinner we had Melody & her family over. It was really fun and long overdue. They've been in our ward for a while now. We played carcassonne and talked. Tomorrow I think Melody & I are going to the YMCA. I'm rededicating myself to exercise/SBD tomorrow. So please - no treats or even hints of chocolate, thank you. (at least after midnight tonight, you still have 2 hours...)


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Hey, if you want some awesome help you can go (use drwife4 as the one that referred you). They have different cyber teams you can join and I think there is SBD one (or maybe several). The entire site is free. I've been steadily using it since September and I finally broke my 200 lb. mark this past weekend!!!!