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Monday, February 11, 2008

Isn't she a little too young?

So, Anna got a valentine from her "boyfriend" today - a pink heart-shaped sucker. Has it already begun? Of course I think that Anna is the cutest little girl in the whole wide world - but boys shouldn't know that already, should they?! It's going to be tough raising a beautiful girl, I can already tell.

I started SBD phase 1. I wanted to exercise at the YMCA, but the truck is having problems - so Tyler took the car. I did really well on my eating and was able to play the piano, read my scrippys, & scrapbook! :o) I'm sad to say that I gained 10 pounds since Jan 14th, but I'm happy to say that I don't think they'll be on me for much longer. :o) Tomorrow I'm going to start going to a yoga class - at least if the winter storm doesn't prevent me from going. Debbie recommended a neat website to help me on my weight loss journey: (Thanks Debbie!) I have a different viewpoint of my diet/exercise plan. I want to learn self control. I want to be able to control how much I eat (or don't eat). I have a feeling that learning self mastery will help me for the rest of my life. I'm interested to see how well I do in this venture.

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