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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Hey everyone. We're back in OH, safe & sound. I think that MI is getting all the snow that OH is supposed to was wonderful to be in the Mons' home, playing games, and watching the snow that's a vacation!!! Here is a photo of Anna & Jaden playing, doesn't Anna look sassy?? They are so cute together, we've reminisced on the idea of arranging their marriage...

When I was at RS in MI with Melisa, we sang "Nearer My God To Thee" as the closing hymn. I love the tenor line on that song, so I sang it up an octave. After RS was over, a woman asked me if I was the one singing the tenor line - I said yes - she related to me that her close friend used to sing the tenor line of that song as a duet with her, and she appreciated hearing me sing it. As she told me that, she had tears in her eyes - it was a special moment.

I'm home and ready to get things done. I've done some dishes and have loads of laundry in the works. I hope to fold laundry while watching my current netflix movie: "The remains of the day". Has anyone seen it? It has Anthony Hopkins & Emma Thompson - I hope it will be good.
Today is Super Tuesday. I hope that Mitt Romney can pull ahead of John McCain - however, I am not sure that is possible because Mike Huckabee is still running, even though he has zero chance of becoming the republican candidate. I think he purposely doesn't want Mitt Romney to win - so he's staying in the race to prevent Romney from beating McCain. Who knows? Maybe Huckabee is wanting to be McCain's VP? Only time will tell. My vote is for Mitt Romney. :o)


Anonymous said...

I do like that sassy look Anna has. It is so cute!!

Melisa said...

She said her friend had died last week. The Lord sure has a way of comforting us.