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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bee Movie

Poor Anna. That was no mere fever blister - it was a bacterial infection on her face. We felt we should take her into the doctor because it was spreading. Here's a picture:

They had Tyler scrape off the top layer and then apply the antibiotic cream. Anna was a brave girl - she didn't cry ONCE! Just thinking about it makes ME want to cry. She's a real trooper.

I taught 2 voice lessons today. They went quite well. Tyler is currently on a date with Anna - they're going to see the Bee Movie at the dollar theater. I don't think I've been on as many dates with my dad as Anna has been with Tyler. I hope that their relationship will only grow stronger throughout their lives and that they will always be close. Has anyone seen the Bee Movie? I really like Jerry Seinfeld - however I've heard mixed reviews of this movie. Your thoughts?

Tonight I'm watching Mansfield Park with Shannon & Sarah. I really need some girls time. And chocolate. I'm really struggling on even having the desire to diet right now. It's completely out the window. I just need to go back to the YMCA, I think that will help. But now I'm about to start injections - which, at least the last time I was on them, messes with my emotions A LOT. So I'm wondering if I should withhold the one thing that calms me down? It's so hard. I wish that I could just live normally and not have to think about every single thing I eat. *heavy sigh*

I had my appointment with Dr. Groll today (infertility specialist). He prescribed provera (to bring about a period, since I haven't had one in 8 weeks) and then metformin and said we'd begin gonal-f (injections) next week. After we figured everything out, I left and went to the restroom before leaving the clinic. Guess what arrived at that moment? You got it - my period was in full force. So I turned around and went back to see Dr. Groll. He cancelled the provera and I will begin gonal-f on friday. I feel positive about these turns of events. I just wish I could forgo the whole HCG shot (the one in the buttocks - it doesn't feel good) but at least it's only one time per cycle. :o)

I want to thank you all for reading my blog. Sometimes I feel so alone in my life and that no one knows what I'm thinking or feeling - but whenever you leave a comment, it just reminds me that you ARE out there. Thanks for being there for me. :o)


Saquel25 said...

I'd hate to think you feel alone. Even though I'm not the most committed blogger you can call me any time for a chat. Or we could go to Target. You know me - any excuse to go to Target!

iPhilip said...

Anna probably got the infection from kissing on Jaden to much.

glittersmama said...

Is it impetigo? Because that is extremely contagious.

glittersmama said...

I hope your girl time is good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I trien to scrub a chicken pox off Jacob's face! We all live and learn! ;) Suz

Jill said...

Yes, the dr. said impetigo. Anna will be out of school the rest of the week.