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Thursday, March 27, 2008

30 years old

Happy Birthday Tyler! My sweet husband is now 30 years old. We celebrated by going out for dinner on Tuesday - since Tyler has class on wednesdays. I allowed for El Toro to do the cooking and it was so delicious! They even sang to Tyler and put whip cream on his nose before letting him eat their complementery fried ice cream! :o) For his birthday, Tyler asked for a Tiger Woods golf wii game. (I'm currently bidding on one via eBay.) I wish I could have made Tyler's birthday more eventful - but he's honestly happier when I don't spend money.

Today is day 2 on the new lifestyle change. It's been going quite well. Tyler wants me to weigh in every day to chart out my success - I think he just wants to be able to graph something. ;o) I began the lifestyle change at 335.2 lbs. This morning I weighed 331.0 lbs! Not bad for one day of exercise/diet. My goal was to lose 5 pounds the first week - I'm almost there! :o) Now I need to determine what some rewards will be for goals that I am going to set, such as: 30 consecutive days on the diet with no cheating, 5 days of exercise in a week, and by the pounds dropped. The most that I've been able to lose is 30 pounds, so I thought that when I lose 30 pounds, I'm going to get a massage. I've never had one done by a professional, but I hear they're amazing. Another reward idea I have is for bath & body works products...any other suggestions of non-food rewards that you would enjoy? I could use some more ideas.

I went to the YMCA this morning. My friend, Nicole, was there with her kids. It was really nice just chatting with her and getting to know her better. I like who I am when I'm around here - she's full of compliments and positive ideas.

Today Maria & I (and the kids) went grocery shopping and then back to my house to make some carne asada, frijoles refritos, & arroz (don't worry, I didn't eat any). I'm excited to find some recipes that I enjoy eating. It was really tasty. I am a warrior.


Melisa said...

Happy birthday, Tyler! You are so old! ;)

4 pounds in one day! Sweet! You go girl!

I picked for rewards things that I wanted, but felt guilty buying. Maybe a trip to a Bed & Breakfast? I wish buying Monk was on my reward list, but it is a little too much money. Maybe one season at a time? A Wii game? A CD? A month of maid service?

Just some thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Great job girl! Some great rewards I have for myself is - curling up with a good book for a complete hour straight, working on some long forgotten project that I really like working on, having one on one times with the kids, new workout clothes, any foot type of product (bath & body type of stuff), being able to do things on the computer for a couple of hours that I usually don't get around to (downloading music, organizing digital pictures, etc), giving myself a day off of housework - just play, read, do whatever the kids do. Now, I havent actually done all of these, just a few, but they are on my list. I love your idea of having rewards for non-weight goals met. I've read that several times, but I need to implement it - thanks for the reminder. Also, for me, when I start working out the pounds seem to drop fast, then they steady out (and sometimes stall for a little while) after a little bit. When you hit that point, don't get discouraged, just keep going. You can do it. 'Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still' - Chinese proverb

Alabama Apples said...

Happy B-day Tyler! Kit yurned 31 on Monday. Great job on the new you! Some things I reward myself with are books, time away from the kids :o), a fun article of make-up I normally don't spend money on. I love the idea of the massage!! I find things I feel guilty about buying normally make great rewards.