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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Yesterday we went up to Kirtland, OH and we took Maggie along, as well. It was a bit of a drive there and we spent about 3 hours there. We saw the Kirtland Temple, The Newel K. Whitney store and the visitor's center which had a lovely film about Kirtland. Check the sidebar for pictures. One picture is of Tyler & Coulter in the room above the store where the School of the Prophets took place. I learned that not only did Jesus Christ visit them in that room, but that Heavenly Father did as well. Zebedee Coltrine was present and there is a neat quote about the appearance of Heavenly Father. It was really fascinating!!! Tyler greatly enjoys church history and he's taught me many things about it - this trip really strengthened my testimony about what the pioneers went through and it helped me gain a new perspective about myself, a pioneer in my own right. They were able to build a temple when it was thought impossible - what, then, are we able to accomplish in our lives in this day? Miracles haven't ceased. I look forward to seeing many miracles in my lifetime.

Coulter took off this morning. Anna has been praying that Coulter will live with us forever. We had a wonderful visit with him this past week - although, we're a bit short on our sleep! Today we played catch-up on our house cleaning and laundry and SLEEP! I made some ebelskivers for tomorrow morning. I think they would make an excellent holiday breakfast. :o) March 22nd is my Dad's birthday - happy birthday dad! :o) Happy Easter to you all!

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Melisa said...

What a fun trip!

My Grandma has the same bday as your dad. All this time I've known you, I never knew that. ;)

I'll bet Coulter will be greatly missed.