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Thursday, March 20, 2008


This morning we had our IUI. I have 2 mature eggs - measuring around 18 and 19, I believe...or maybe 20. They're ready to go! Our sample was 75 million sperms with 35% mobility. In 2 weeks we'll take the pregnancy test. I am hopeful this will be our month. I've been thinking that with as much work as it's taking us to have baby #2, it's highly probable that we won't have more than that, meaning 2 kids total. I always wanted 6 kids and Tyler wanted 10 kids, but it just doesn't seem to be what God wants for us. It's becoming easier to accept this reality as I've become older. In fact, I've grown quite accustomed to having a self-sufficient little girl who can put on her own clothes, take a bath on her own and who can do chores like putting away silverware and taking the laundry out of the dryer. :o)


Saquel25 said...

You know, I think God wants us to have everything that is good and will make us happy within the bounds of the gospel. But he also asked us to accept mortality for a time and all that goes with it. I think that's where the acceptance comes in. Heavenly Father will always be there for us to lean on however when the times are tough. I always think of Sheri Dew and how she didn't meet a husband in this life or get to experience motherhood at all. I'm sure Heavenly Father cried with her when she did and wanted it as much as she did.

Heavenly Father also promised us agency and that couldn't exist if Heavenly Father intervened in things that may be the results of choices people have made. (Not to say that you can make any different choices but often things do happen in that way)

The wonderful thing about the gospel is that we not only have Heavenly Father in our corner but we have our friends. I am so glad you're my friend Jill. You have helped me to be a better friend and I will have my fingers tightly crossed for the next two weeks together with a few prayers!!

Queen Mother said...

You never know, sweetie. After it took me so long to have Matthew, and then several ART cycles failed while TTC Nathan, Sam and I just figured that 2 was all Heavenly Father wanted us to have, too. But then we had Nate. So obviously, 2 was not the plan.

You just may be surprised. Your follies sound great!! What was your e2?

Oh and HEY why don't you visit my blog, I did that "7 weird things about me" thing just for you and you didn't even see it! =)

Kathey said...

I'm praying for things to work out for you this time. Love, Kathey

nicole said...

We'll be praying for you too, Jill! I can't imagine a better home or more loving parents than you guys. Any child would be very fortunate to be welcomed into your home. Be sure to keep us posted! :)