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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I had my voice lessons today - I found a teacher about an hour away and she is fabulous! I really feel like she will help me become a better singer. I can already tell a difference in my voice after only 2 lessons. And now I get to compete in NATS in april! I'm so excited! Now I need to practice everyday - since it's only one month from now! :o)

So this evening we went to a pet store nearby and looked at the different kinds of dogs. When I saw the pekingese, I immediately loved him. Of course, I can't afford to play $1200 for him. (YIKES!) But, we did find a shihtzu on craigslist for $250 and we'll go see her tomorrow. We're excited about finding a new addition for our family. I'm curious to know what kind of dog that you have and why you chose it?


jennifer said...

My doggie is a Pomeranian! I did a TON of research on dog breeds before I got him and I knew Poms were one of the breeds I was compatible with...but to tell the truth, when I first saw him at the pet store (where I swore I would never get a dog) I just completely fell in love with him. It was like our souls connected! (Cheesy, I know) But he really is the perfect dog for me and I cannot imagine life without him.
I would just recommend doing a lot of research on different breeds you are interested in before you commit. You may want to check the animal shelter as well - the best dog my family ever had growing up was from the shelter and she was amazing.
Have fun!!

Saquel25 said...

We had a black lab when we were first married. He was the craziest most energetic dog. He was also really handsome. But he had many problems. He chewed our furniture, shoes, anything left out really. We had to replace carpet and linoleum in our rented house as a result of his antics. He was so loveable but I'll never go there again. I could just about cope since we had no kids but he was major work. I think I heard that Shihtzus can be bad tempered. Did you research them?

iPhilip said...

I hate dogs, (and cats). I wouldn't mind having a dog if it was already potty trained, didn't get dirty, gave itself baths, fed itself, had plenty of running room.

Then I would consider getting one.

jessica said...

i grew up with a shihtzu. his name was mortimer and he was hilarious. as a kid i really loved him, but my mom totally hated him. i guess shihtzus (espeically boys) can be hard to potty train. morty continued to mark his territory inside, especially if there was a pile of dirty laundry on the floor (which is a common occurance in a home full of teenage boys). i was pretty oblivious to the grossness because he generally avoided my laundry.

now we have a lab/husky mix. she is the BEST dog that ever lived. she is a couch potato in the house, runs like crazy outside, loves kids, hardly ever barks... i just wish she didn't shed.

oh, one thing i wanted to say about our shihtzu mortimer-- he didn't really like small children. when i was really little we had a little white toy poodle. she loved kids and didn't shed!

i recommend doing lots of research too, but when you find the right dog you'll know :)

Anonymous said...

I love dogs. We are also considering getting one now. I had a pekingese growing up and he was so cuddly and cute. I loved him, but I don't want to have to mess with the groomer like my mom had to. We are considering a Beagle. They are sweet dogs, good with children, and have short hair so you don't have to fuss with it much. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I was on the board of directors of a county humane society years ago and it broke my heart to see how many wonderful animals get euthanized while people spend outrageous amounts of money to buy dogs and support puppy mills. The shelters are full of dogs and puppies waiting for homes, and many of them are purebreds. The workers can advise you on their personalities, whether they are housebroken, etc.
As to getting a shihtzu, Katie has two of them and one resisted potty training and still has accidents. They are known for being hard to train. Hers are good with the kids, though.

Melisa said...

Well, I'm not getting a dog any time soon because it would drive me insane! They take so much time and work and I can't spare that at this point in my life. Though we would like one eventually (5 years?). I would like to be able to afford all of the vet, food, toys, accessories. And depending on the breed, hair cuts, etc. I also want to be able to take him somewhere when we go out of town so he isn't home alone with a neighbor boy feeding him while I'm gone.

I'm not a really small dog person. I think they are too yappy and annoying and I haven't heard of many small dogs that are good with small children.

While growing up we had a shih tzu poodle mix I absolutely loved. She was great with the kids, the youngest was 5. What I loved about her was that she didn't shed. You have to take them in for haircuts on a regular basis, but I think that is better than vacuuming pet hair every day. When we get a dog, that is the kind I want. She wasn't much of a barker either.

Brad wants a bulldog. We both love really big dogs, like mastiffs and great danes, but I don't think I could take care of one. They are a lot of work. Same goes with my mom's border collie. She is a great dog, but she is really protective and not great with strangers. She needs a lot of exercise.

I agree with Nancy. When we get a dog, it will probably be a shelter dog. There are just so many great dogs out there that it doesn't make sense to me to spend so much money for some papers.

But that is the other thing with dogs. Every dog and every owner is so different. Maybe make a list of what you do want and what to you don't want and see which breeds match? Some people love the small dogs, others the big danes, and others are lab people. Maybe go to a shelter so you can meet lots of dogs.

Cahokia said...

My friends Emilee and Patrick have an Austrian Shepherd named Bronco. He is HUGE, but amazing. He was easy to train, and he is the BEST companion; she needed something to help her cope with him being on the road a lot for work.

This dog is Loyal and lovable. they have 3 children from 4 to 10 and he is amazing with all of them. He loves them and will protect them but he's very gentle to the people he knows. I've been over there a few times and he loves me.

He sheds REALLY bad, but only about twice a year; the rest of the time he's great. He's easy to entertain, easily housetrained, and overall just the best dog. if you like larger breeds, he's amazing.

shannon said...

Growing up we had a lot of dogs, mostly labs and retrievers. They were primarily for keeping the baddies outta our yard--it worked!