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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who's with me?

I love food. And I don't have self control - therefore, I eat as much of anything that I want to eat. Thus I weigh 330 pounds. I like sugar, flour, & butter - in several varieties. I am beginning to realize that this way of eating is affecting my health and if I don't change it - I could shorten my life &/or have serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart problems. I have decided that I want to change my lifestyle. I will be going to the YMCA 5-6 days a week, following the SBD (south beach diet), juicing vegetables, doing cleanses, fasting, and meeting with a counselor to find out why my eating patterns are the way they are. I'm amazed that people can eat one or two cookies and then STOP - I don't. I wonder if there is some unconscious reason for that. Hopefully the counselor will clue me into this and help me replace this behavior with something healthier than a bag of oreos. Tyler gave me a blessing that I should seek the support of my family and friends to help me through this arduous task. I will begin this plan tomorrow. I am not asking for you all to do what I'm doing - but I would ask your support. This lifestyle will change so much for me, I won't be entertaining people with food - that will have to be replaced with non-food activities (games, etc). I LOVE to entertain people and I LOVE to cook/bake...that will be hard to change, but I feel that this is the time of year to begin. I love holidays, but after Easter - it's a while until July 4th. It's holidays that derail me from my dieting efforts. If there is anyone who is dieting/exercising/trying to be healthy - let me know! I'm here to support you as well. Who's with me?


Kathey said...

Three Cheers For YOU!! I'm with you 100%. Although my needs are very different, I have food needs that I need to follow for my health too, so I can really feel for you. Also, it's amazing what counseling can do to help disrupt patterns that keep repeating that aren't helpful. Good luck with that also.

Carol Look has produced some very beneficial things about weight loss using EFT. Her website is: Go to "Abundance Store" in the list on the left. Then click on "Weight Loss."

An audio CD set says: Working one by one in a group teleclass, Carol ucovers and addresses many of the emotional drivers behind addictive food cravings, destructive body images, low self-esteem and future relapses.

And another one: The Key to Successful Weight Loss e-book and Computer Program for Step-by-Step Guidance

The Key to Successful Weight Loss, the first program ever to use the new technology of Electronic EFT, is a combination e-book and computer program that leads you step-by-step as you apply EFT to a variety of issues that affect your relationship to food. Developed by three leaders in the Energy Psychology field, Doctors Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, and Sandi Radomski, this program covers all aspects of handling emotional blocks to weight loss. Destructive food cravings are automatically reduced to a minimum and often eliminated entirely through the use of EFT. You can now eat effectively for weight loss – and even enjoy doing this!

Also there are many good articles about weight loss on EFT could supply another piece to the puzzle.

Good luck!

Love, Kathey

nicole said...

You are amazing. It's inspiring that you are willing to recognize your weaknesses and make efforts to change. I struggle with my own addiction to treats and goodies as well. I usually rationalize by thinking that I stay very active, so if I eat too much, I just move more that day to burn off the calories, but I know that overloading on junk isn't healthy no matter how much you move. My problem is, I go all extreme and commit to never eating sugar again... but that only works for a few days and then I binge. So I'm just working on self-discipline and moderation. I'm currently going to the gym 5-6 days a week and loving it! So I'll be there to support you and chat (to help pass the time) and if you ever want to walk outdoors, or go to Carriage Hill, etc. etc. I'll be there in a heartbeat!

Cahokia said...

READ INTUITIVE EATING!!! I CAN'T STRESS THAT's an easy read, and you should finish in about 2 hours, though you'll wanna go back and figure out what you missed!!! =)

You can find it at any library, or online (I found mine at DI! LOL)

You can also visit or google "intuitive eating" for the focuses on obtaining a HEALTHY relationship with food and gives tips on how to do this..

also, join our challenge I've been spouting about! It's not about weight loss and you get points for stuff you already do: read scriptures, pray, eat 5 fruits/veggies a day, etc. No calorie counting and it's a GREAT support group...just scroll my blog to find the link on how to join! Erin is awesome...she'll email you any help and answer any questions you have, even though you don't know her..

I love you and support you my friend! I know you can do it!!!!!

iPhilip said...

Truthfully, when I think about my dad, I get mad/upset at him every once in awhile because he treated his body the way he did. He was a horrible eater. He did smoke earlier in his life, and I am sure that is part of why he died so young (49, heart attack), but mostly it was his eating habits. He already had a quadruple bypass surgery, and lots of other health ailments.

So the point is, if you don't want your kids/Tyler/family to resent you, even though they completely love you, then do what you can so you don't leave them by themselves for a long time.

Just to clarify, I completely loved my dad, I just wish he would have taken better care of his body, because I miss talking to him.

So don't let the holidays and other things deter you from your goals. I would like to continue to beat you at Settler's for another 100 years.

Just keeping it real.

Alabama Apples said...

Good Luck Jill! We all have things to overcome. The first step is the most important, butthe second, third, fourth and so on are the next in importance. I know when I am wanting to make a change I need all the help I can get. Good luck and know I am cheering for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have complete empathy for you. This has been an issue for me since I was pregnant with Lea (she'll be 15 next month) Although, looking back, I didn't look that bad after I had her. Just take it one day at a time. I've been able to lose 15 pounds since SEptember - not a lot, but its going away. One thing I would suggest is make sure that in your plans you're changing your habits, in other words, don't go on a 'diet' that you're going to change once you reach your ideal weight. It just doesn't work. I think that is why its been taking me so much longer to lose the weight this time because I'm working on changing habits. Also, look at it spiritually - study the word of wisdom in depth, work on gaining a testimony that your body is a temple. Mentally picture your favorite temple in your mind - would you allow someone to throw garbage on the grounds, put things on the walls that would break it down quicker, etc and then mentally match some of the things you don't want to eat with those bad things - 3rd cookie = kitchen trash size bag of garbage being dumped right in front of the door. Hope this helps. Also, find someone you can email/call to each day with. The two things that have helped me the most is writing down EVERYTHING I eat and being accountable to someone. Good luck and here is to a healthier you!

Anonymous said...

I love you Jill. Call on me and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Tish

Carina said...

I completely agree with and support you! I need to do the same thing (lose weight so I can be around for my family longer). I can't do a huge diet turnaround since I'm still nursing Joshua, but I do need to be better about what I eat and try to get some exercise. Now that the weather is nice, I need to start going for walks with Joshua in the evenings. That's probably a good starting point! I'm here for you if you need me! =)

Anonymous said...

I starter the SBD yesterday. Before you comment that "you don't need to loose weight" like everyone else thinks, let me tell you about it. It is true that I don't need to loose a lot of weight, but I could stand to loose a few and be way healthier. I have always been lucky in that I could eat almost anything and stay the same weight and so my eating habbits are horrible. I am going to go throught all the phases, but think I won't be in phase 2 for very long. I just think that it is a great time in my life to break some of the bad eating habbits that I have an dhelp my kids before it is too late. It hasn't been bad so far, but I will keep you posted.

Melisa said...

You know I'm with you. Let me know how I can help. You helped me. I owe you.

Anonymous said...

I love my wife so much. She is such an amazing person. I am with you through it all. I am going to change my diet too. I am in the same boat as Misti (i.e. eat whatever and stay like a rail). BUT, garbage in equals garbage out. Now that I am a little bit older, the quality of my diet is really starting to affect my energy/health. I look forward to a healthier me, a healthier Jill, a healthier Anna (although I can't imagine her with any more energy than she now has). Am I with you? To quote Jud Fry, "You aint nevuh gettin ridduh me...nevuh!"


Dirk said...

I was just thinking, maybe you could find another hobby to devote your baking energy to? The first one that came to mind was sculpting because you would still get the tactile gratification, but anything that helps distract and fulfill is good. I find that certain hobbies help my mood and encourage my self worth. I'm an emotional/bored eater sometimes. Good luck!