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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

2 weeks report

Today marks 2 weeks that I've been on the SBD diet. I lost another 2 pounds this week - which equals 8 pounds total! :o) I'm very pleased with the success I've been blessed to have and am THRILLED to add some variety to my diet on the 2nd phase of SBD. This morning I had a chocolate protein shake and for dinner I had a SBD cheese pizza! Hooray for variety! I love it.

Yesterday was a NIGHTMARE. I substitute taught at the middle school for a 6th grade social studies class. They were horrible. They were disrespectful, talked too much and I even caught 2 girls passing a note about how ugly they think that I am. Lovely, just lovely. I don't know if I'm up for subbing for middle school again anytime soon. But last night I watched DHOOM2 with Sarah and that was fun. This is one of my favorite songs, sorry, no subtitles.

Today I had my voice lesson, which went really well. I think I'll do well this saturday - at the NATS competition. It's about 2 hours away, so I'm grateful that I won't be singing until 11:30am! :o) For lunch today I met Carrie, a friend I made at college last fall. We had a great conversation. She said that she feels I'll be a great parent to more children because I have a lot of love to give. I agree with that - I do feel that I have a lot of love to give to more children. In fact, Tyler is worried that I'll try to bring home the whole orphanage when I go! :o) I went & exercised at the YMCA, which felt great. I'm starting to get my heart rate up higher than in the past - which is good.

Based on my birthday:

You are very curious and dedicative. When you are interested in something, everything else has to wait. This is your quality. But if you learn to be more patient and complete what you have started, you will be successful in life. Your Love, You believe in love at first sight. You won't wait to learn more about the person. Vise versa, people who fail to impress you will hardly get a chance to be your friend. Your emotion is on the extreme. You can only love or hate, nothing in between and this often shows in your expression. Try not to end a relationship in a quarrel.


Jana said...

I substitute taught when we lived in Texas and thought that middle school was the worst! I loved the elementary kids and the high school kids weren't too bad, but those middle school kids...
Congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up.

Dirk said...

Ugh! Subbing is something else! I did that for a semester 4 days a week. I could handle 5th and 6th ok, but over that was so frustrating. I only did maybe 4 days in Jr. High/High School. Wish I had tips, but that age is just tough. Sorry! Yay for 2 more lbs. :) trish

Ticklemedana said...

LOL! Middle school? man...that does suck. I have been subbing for almost 8 years and here is my main tip when doing so: You have to be intimidating. I start every class introducing myself with my age, what I'm studying and where I'm from. This makes you more personable.

Then, basically I tell them straight up that I am very laid back and fun and easygoing, until they piss me off, then we'll have problems. I tell them I have no problems assigning extra work, making it due at the end of the hour, and reporting to their teacher. i also tell them I have no problems sending students to the office. I also take role and tell them that if they I don't hear them answer, they get counted absent, and they can work it out with the office. (This makes them REALLY quiet.)

basically, ALL TEENAGERS can smell fear, especially in a sub...if you walk in confident and follow through with any threats you make, you won't have problems; I never have. It really can be fun. I promise...=D