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Monday, April 07, 2008

Saying goodbye...

Tonight I watched the final episodes of the FRASIER tv saga, which my mom introduced me to almost 2 years ago. I don't have any cable - I just rent the discs on netflix. I've grown to love the characters on the show and have even cried during various episodes. (Granted, I don't really need a reason to cry at all - it just happens spontaneously if I don't have something to attribute it to) It's funny the things we attach ourselves to. What are your tv favorites?

Today was a great day - I wouldn't mind reliving it over and over like that movie Groundhog Day. I didn't get called in to substitute teach, so I was able to take Anna to school. I then went to exercise at the YMCA and then met Anna for lunch at her school. It was SO much fun to eat with her in the "Parent Room". It was obvious how excited she was to have me there with her - a special treat for my baby girl. Then Tyler came home before going to class and we were able to have some time to talk and play Dr. Mario. I picked Anna up from school and we came home - she did her chores/homework and then we packed up a picnic dinner and went to the park with Maggie. The weather was PERFECT! It was 70 degrees today, with a nice cool breeze. Afterwards we had our bedtime routine and then I folded laundry while finishing up the FRASIER series. It was a nice day.

I spoke with a placement agency this evening. It looks as though it will be difficult to adopt 2 children from the Ukraine - especially to find a girl. Apparantly there are many more boys than girls available for adoption. I am hopeful that we'll find the 2 children that are part of our family. I feel that this adventure will strengthen our faith in God that he will lead us where we need to go and help us grow our family in this uniquely wonderful way. :o)


Melisa said...

Yeah for Spring!

That does sound like a really lovely day.

Are you going to look in other countries or stay with the Ukraine?

Nancy said...

I am surprised that there are many more boys than girls available for adoption - in most countries it seems to be the opposite. However, most people adopting seem to want girls, so that may explain it.

You may want to try other countries, or even domestic if you are willing to take sibling groups.

Cahokia said...

well, i LOVE Friends, Crossing Jordan, Third Watch, American Dreams and the Nanny...ALL canceled, so I feel your pain! LOL. I do have a few new ones: Lipstick Jungle, the Office, and...that's about it. and yes...I was absolutely HEARTBROKEN and DEVASTATED when American Dreams and Third watch were canceled and Friends ended it's run...I mourned...=)

Queen Mother said...

There are more boys? How could anyone NOT want a boy? Well, at least you can get him. :)