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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fire Inspection

Today we had our fire inspection. Everything went just fine and it feels so good to be getting that much closer to bringing our twins home. The home study agency called to say they got our application and that the social worker lady would be calling us VERY soon to set up our first of 2 visits.

We're doing a yard/garage sale on friday, May 2nd, & saturday, May 3rd to raise money for the adoption fund. We had someone drop off items yesterday morning and will be parking our car outside of the garage to make room for other items. A good friend of mine, Shannon, is letting us do the garage sale in her neighborhood - they have an annual garage sale weekend and it gets a lot of publicity which is free. I hope that it will be successful - donations, anyone?

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Annie said...

Is this something required by Ukraine? We never have had that - and we've adopted four times and have a foster child. I will say that it was addressed by the foster care people in their homestudy, but it wasn't something other than the regular visit. It sometimes seems so crazy that ANYONE can have children, but to adopt children takes jumping through so many hoops.