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Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Garage Sale time, oh yeah

My friend, Shannon, is letting us use her driveway/yard/garage to have a garage sale on friday, May 2nd, & saturday, May 3rd to help us raise money for our adoption fund. Donations are welcome! You can contact me at jilldpierce at yahoo dot come if you have anything you'd like to donate. We can come pick it up with my husband's truck - provided that you don't live more than an hour away! ha ha. :o)

I want to know what kinds of plastic wear that you use for your kids? I've seen at a few homes that the moms have cleverly placed a drawer down below the counter to put plastic cups, plates, etc. so that the kids can reach them by themselves. I only have 2 plastic plates and wonder where you all bought yours and if you like them or not.

Today we had our fire inspection. We are supposed to have 2 fire escape plans posted in the house - one upstairs and one downstairs. If it were up to me, it would be some sort of map-thingy thrown together on paper. However, my husband is the one who drew it up and let us not forget that he is an engineer and LOVES to make charts and graphs. Even Anna mentions the idea of making charts for various activities. So, we had 2 quite fancy, color coded maps of how we could escape from the home in the chance of a fire and the plans were even placed in plastic sheet covers. Oh yeah, we're nerdy all right.

"White & Nerdy" - Courtesy of Mr "Weird Al" Yankovic:


Steph said...

Phillip LOVES garage sale season!! He takes the boys in his truck nearly every Saturday. We have truly benifited from his "passion". He can't resist a good deal. If we were close, you can garantee Phillip would be stopping by on May 3rd!

Alabama Apples said...

Ha! Steph said what I was going to say! I love garage sales and I would definitely be there if I lived there! Good luck!

Melisa said...

Good luck with the sale!

Queen Mother said...

I don't want to be preachy but I care about you guys so I will anyway, LOL. You may want to re-think that plasticware. Plastics may harm children. It has something to do with their hormone receptors. When heated, plastic is toxic and releases chemicals-so I guess if you don't plan to put the plasticware in the dishwasher, it's not as bad. But I would still avoid it.

I have thrown out all plastic in my kitchen. I have glass Pyrex for leftovers and my boys all eat off regular dinner plates and drink out of glass cups. I have stainless steel sippy cups for the baby.

Just being preachy. You know how I am. LOL

Love you.