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Sunday, April 27, 2008

He Shall Wipe Away All Tears

This weekend was Stake Conference. It was a wonderful conference. The talks were very inspirational and the music was beautiful. There were two flute solos between yesterday & today, plus I greatly enjoyed the Stake music that we sang in the choir. I sang my first "solo" with the Stake Choir here in Ohio. It was a nice experience, especially since I've been fighting allergies for the majority of this week. I woke up on wednesday and my throat was sore and I couldn't sing. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to sing today - but with some rest, medicine, & cough drops, it went just fine. I really felt my testimony of my Savior grow today. The talks were all geared towards Jesus Christ. Sometimes when I pray, I can't think of things to say - but when I'm in church all sorts of ideas come to my mind, I think I need to take notes every week so I can be more productive in my prayers with my Heavenly Father. :o)

This evening we tried out our new smoker and make barbecue beef sandwiches. I was pleased with our first attempt. We had a nice meal of it with this family and another family in our ward, ending with a rousing game of Settlers of Catan. I lost horribly, but good company beats winning the game. :o)

I feel very emotional lately - I'm not sure if it's the adoption process, my losing in the game tonight or it just being close to "that time" of the month...but I feel very weepy...of course, I don't need an excuse to cry. Here is something that I struggle with: my emotions come before logic - so usually I don't even know why I'm crying, and I try to figure it out after the fact. Sound familiar to anyone?


Dirk said...

Settlers! Have you tried Cities and Knights yet?
I am definitely emotional, and not always logical. Sometimes I never do figure out why I'm crying. I think for me, it's just a release sometimes, maybe from stress, pent up sadness, even just being really happy. You are so not alone there! Hope you feel better soon! Trish

Alabama Apples said...

I'm a total cry baby!! Can't even explain it sometimes!!! I love it when church is uplifting-it is far and few in between with my 3 beasts, but when it touches my heart I feel so wonderful!

Steph said...

I am so glad that you were able to sing. You have a beautiful voice. I am jealous of your talent!!
As far as the emotions go...I think that is just part of the job title of "Girl"!! :)

Kathey said...

Your solo was wonderful. I'm sorry I forgot to mention it to you when I saw you afterwards.

I'm emotional too. My emotions always come before logic.

I cried a lot this weekend, and at least some of that was from feeling the spirit. I was so overtaken by the opening hymn that I sang the first couple of words and then couldn't join in again until verse 4. Conference truly was fantastic.

Love, K

Four Beach Bums said...

I would have loved to hear your solo but instead I was having a great fight with my kids in sacrament meeting here in Florida. I am not usually very emotional but after two weeks with Peter out of town it finally caught up with me!