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Monday, April 28, 2008

Physical Therapy

I had my first round of physical therapy for my wii tennis elbow. It was actually really nice - they put some electrode thingys on my arm with a warm wet towel over it and the electricity pulsed through my arm/elbow area. It was so relaxing, I found myself wanting to go to sleep! I have (read: get) to go 3x every week for a month. I must say - I'm not dreading it. :o)

No, you're not going crazy - I added a music player to my blog. I thought I'd try it out and if you're on here long enough, you'll realize what a crazy selection of music I've put on there - from opera to bollywood. You're able to select a different song or pause it, if you don't want to listen to anything.

Anna is doing so well with her reading - it's incredible! She read a whole page of the Book of Mormon animated stories today and didn't need help on one single word. Incredible. Her reading skills are much higher than I remember mine being - I hope that she will be a great reader, unlike myself. (one can hope, right?)

I've been scrapbooking lately. I have the desire to be caught up before the twins are here, especially since I'm most likely going to be making the switch to photo books (which can be done online) once I finish scrapping all the pictures that I currently have printed. Then I hope to sell all my scrapbooking supplies (I have TONS) to help earn money for the adoption fund.

Some have wondered whether or not we are going to continue infertility treatments since we are adopting twins. The answer is yes, we will continue infertility treatments until otherwise prompted by the Spirit to stop. The feeling that we are having right now is that we will adopt the twins and then most likely have one more child (a boy, I hope) biologically. I think 4 children will feel right - at least it does right now. :o)


Melisa said...

Where do you go to get PT? Does insurance pay? That sounds so relaxing! Do you really think it is from the Wii or are you kidding around?

How are the treatments going? 4 does sound like a nice number. If you had a boy, you'd have 2 of each!

nicole said...

I absolutely love reading your blog! It really helps me to get to know you better! 4 children is great! I highly recommend it... (most of the time ;)) What an exciting time in your life.