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Friday, May 30, 2008

A beautiful sight

I'm not sure what it is - but I love the sight of my fruit bowl being FULL of all kinds of fruit. It makes me happy. Here's a current picture:I've been busy packaging up some scrapbooking items that I've sold on eBay. This morning I went with my friend, Angela, to get a pedicure. They even painted pretty flowers on our toes - so cute! Next time you see me - look at my cute toes! ;o) Afterwards we went to lunch and talked - it's so nice to have friends, isn't it? We had a great time (we always do) and I appreciate her friendship so much.

Tyler is currently mowing the lawn. What's that, you say? Didn't he mow the lawn last week? Yes, yes, he did. Why so often? He says that it needs to be mowed once a week...however, I think that's a bit excessive. However, he does LOVE to make his yard look nice - and I certainly don't (read: shouldn't) complain about that. I posted some pictures on the sidebar of him mowing & our planted square foot garden - we already have several little sprouts coming up! :o)

Anna has been swimming in the pool the past few days - I love how much she loves to swim. I think it's important that all kids learn to swim just like everyone learning to drive a stick shift - it comes in handy in life! :o)


Anonymous said...

Here in Tejas we have to mow every week or your lawn looks overgrown and the neighbors give you looks. They don't really give you looks, but it needs to be done.

Dizzie Lizzie said...

Love that square foot garden. I need to figure out gardening here in Florida. I don't know when to start planting things. I have not had a good fresh garden tomato in over a year!

Kathey said...

Depending on the weather sometimes we have to mow every 4 days to keep the grass from looking overgrown, and to keep the cut grass from piling up in rows on the mowed lawn. Even though we supposedly have a mulching mower it can still look really bad if the grass was too long when we cut it.

So, in my opinion, at least here in Ohio, once a week isn't excessive.

Good luck with your garden! Looks great so far.

Love, K